TAB that is Form that Adds New Rows for Each User Submission (and tags to be made by them)

I ran into problems with this before so would like to understand it better.

Is this the best way to achieve this:

  1. Create new google sheet tab - add the columns (fields) that you want in the form
  2. Create a new tab that is linked to this new google sheet tab
  3. Add new calculated field that is Email of User that entered (to link the submission to User, is this the best way?)
  4. Add form entry components for each of fields you are interested in
  5. Add a “submit button”?

I realise the ‘show form’ component is probably supposed to do this?

(I’m trying to avoid them having to click on tab, then click on a button - instead just display directly the form in the tab)

The “show form” component is designed to show a form, not a new tab. A form offers some components like columns, special values that a tab doesn’t offer.


You almost have it right. So a form button can be placed on any page and then be fed into any sheet, you choose. The values you can feed from depend on where the form was launched from and the type of components being used (the choice can use data from anywhere as it is expected your choices will reside somewhere else for instance)

Create the form button and choose what sheet it will feed into. Click the form button you made to open and configure the form.

To capture the users email without the user needing to put it in, there is a special field type (shown in forms only) called columns. This will allow you to pull data from the originating sheet and push it into one of the form’s submission tabs without user interaction.

See here

The submit button is built into form either a submit or a checkmark for iOS and Android respectively located in the top tight corner of the form. You cannot add a separate form submit button.

You cannot automatically show a form. It requires a user to click a show form button. The only way around this would be to build a form yourself from scratch which will not function as the above and will be much more involved.

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Thanks again for clarifications. I guess I’m going to be doing this the Show Form approach for now.

No worries, if you need anything further please don’t hesitate to ask!