How to set Form's input width?

I’m building inquiry and the problem I’m facing with is that I don’t know if it’s possible to set width of Form’s input. On the screenshot below (“inquiry.png”), you can see the inquiry I’m trying to build - 3 inputs in a row. With Glide’s form, I’ve found out that it’s only possible, to have input full width size.

Is it even possible, to achieve something like this with Glide’s builder/form?

One quick question, on the screenshot below, you can see on the right there is a “+” symbol and “Add item” → the functionallity of it should be, that if a user will click on it, it will duplicate all 3 inputs in a row. Is this also possible?

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You can get the effect you want by putting the text inputs inside a 3 or 4 column container.

I can’t think of a simple way to do that.

You can have up to 4 columns across a page, so yes, you can do this type of layout. As for the add item - potentially you could do this but it depends on what you need and how you are setting up for tables.

@Darren_Murphy & @DarrenHumphries thank you both for quick answers.

So I’ve created a container with 3 columns, and inserted the text inputs, dates in it. But how do I add submit button, that the inquiery will be sent, to the google sheet? Because for sending and email there is a action for it.

So after a user would click on add item, it would duplicate all of the three elements in a row. After a user would finish with the inqueiry the data would be sent to the google sheets, in the next row, with same ID/email of the user.

I’m not exactly sure what you are trying to achieve here. Are you wanting to add multiple rows with a single form?

Do you mean sending those 3 inputs to a new row in your Sheet, in 3 different columns? Wouldn’t an “Add row” action be available for that use case?

Frist thing I’m trying to achieve and I don’t know how to. Is to create custom container with text inputs, and then connect those inputs with google sheet. So when A user would click in this case “Go!” the data will be send to the google sheets.

@ThinhDinh hmm the add row does excatly what you said yes. But what I’m trying to achieve is this:

Second thing I’m trying to achieve is, that there would be a button, to add item. So a user would fill out first product then he will click on add item, and he would have 1 additional row. You can see it on the screenshot below. There are 2 rows instead of one. So he can fill out one more product, and then send the inquiry.

Would there be a limit to how many rows could be added?

First thing to understand that there is no way to dynamically add a row of input components - or any components for that matter. This is simply not possible. The closest you could get would be to initially have the components hidden, and then use an action to set a value that would expose the next row. But you would need to know in advance how many rows are needed. And even if you knew that, it seems like a really cumbersome approach.

Why not simply use your “Add Item” to submit the row (Add Row), then clear the values and allow for another row to be added? This would be much easier, and would allow for any number of rows to be added.

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No there would be no limit… Since you eplained it in this way, let’s forget about this “Add item” functionallity.

Now I’m trying to achieve as you said, that with the help of “Add item” it would submit the row. But I don’t know how to clear the values after that. On the image below you can see the current, Container/form.

Can you help me out on how to achieve that the values will be cleared after submition?

Are those input fields attached to User Specific Columns?
They should be, otherwise you will be continually over writing the values in the first row of your table.

So, firstly make sure they are user specific columns. Then all you need is a custom action with your “Add Item” button:

  • Add Row (to add the new row)
  • Set Column Values (to clear the inputs)
  • Show Notification

Yes, I’ve fiedls atteched to User Specific Columns.

I’ve create a custom action with “Set Column Values”, but it doesn’t seem to work. Even though the have empty value.

You need to explicitly clear them with “Clear Value”

Screen Shot 2022-07-01 at 3.07.14 PM

Ahh right, thank you very much for your time and help!

I really do appreciate it!

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