Allow app users to create sheets and columns

I am just getting started with Glide and haven’t seen any information on allowing users of the app to create their own content from nothing (i.e. sheets and columns). Adding rows to a sheet with predefined columns is very simple, but I would like my users to define their own columns.

For example, as a user of the app (not in the Glide builder), I want to create a new blank form, and add fields to this form that have not been predetermined.

Is this possible? Thanks!

This is not possible because let’s say your users want to add a form for themselves then you as the app owner will still have to point that form to the newly created sheet manually.

Why do you want your users to be able to do so though?

it is possible… if you don’t mind scripts… but i can bet there is much easier solution for your problem… is all about creating your own forms

I would approach this something like this:
Create a table with: Row Type (Column Name\Data), User ID and many free text columns,
have each user insert his own column names in user specific columns and then have the form be displayed based on the signed in user or viewed user.
you would need a relation to each data row to lookup the name of the fields per user.

how did you solve inserting column names into the first row? without scripts?

I would use the data labeled “column name” in a row type column.
have each user construch his own form.
the when displaying the form use these columns as the field title

in this sample, you are not creating a new column… this a new screen or element

its the same columns, just dynamic names.

you are missing a point of this subject… create a new column with a new name

I am trying to give another solution that doesn’t involve scripts as not everyone here is skilled in programing.
and add columns is not possible in Glide

it is possible, but you are giving very bad solutions… your solution is to name a Glide screen… question was… if is possible to name / create a column… or sheet

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by the way my screenshot is name a column not a screen.

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excellent reply!.. I’m impressed! is not solving the subject… but, i love it!!!

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I believe it is possible to solve this way and build a dynamic form the changes based on the signedin user.
wasn’t that the question?

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@Lin_Altshuler it was a genius answer for a no-code user, I think you u have a bright future in the yes code community…

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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There’s still a lot in the way to create a custom form.

Let’s say you allow each user to have a template form, then theoretically a user can choose that template and via relations & lookups you can return the right title for those.

However not every entry is a text. Let’s say they want date/time in component 2, file picker in component 3 and image picker in component 4. How do you solve that?

That’s not to mention the “required” part will be another headache. That’s too much to build in my honest opinion.

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Yes I know its not ideal. but what do you suggest?

and yes code community… speaks out! LOL
@Lin_Altshuler apps are designed to work fluently no matter who used them… that’s why some of us will give answers that might not look good on the first approach