Hi There

Hi, I’m Meg in Dublin,
I’m just investigating Glide as I might convert some of my questionnaires and checklists that I currently send out in an editable PDF to an app.

I’ve gone through the tutorial videos and there’s one thing that illuding me.

I’ve been through all the stuff about per user data, row owners, relations etc and understand that fine - everythign I would need is there.

What’s missing is that for each new user, the app would need to establish questions for that user and data slots to record the answers for that user. As far as I can see there seem to be 2 possibilities:

  1. Create a column to record the answer of each user (theoretical max of 18,278 columns). The question is then can glide create the new columns as the new user is created or is that something I’d need to get Zapier to do?

  2. For each new user, create a new set of rows for that user, repeating the questionnaire / checklist questions. Again, can Glide do this or is it something I’d need Zapier to do?

Many Thanks

Moved on to reviewing documentation in addition to the videos and found ‘user-specific-columns’ which answers my question.