Personalized questionnaire with categories per user

Hello, I’m new with this and trying to build a new app. The idea is a weekly questionnaire divided into categories and each category has its own form and questions. I’m having trouble making the form personalized, so each user can submit his own replies and have this info storage.

I’ve built so far the user profile page, options, categories and the first form tab. The form will have checkboxes and the way I imagined is that the checkbox value would have to be assigned to a boolean user specific column, but for some reason Glide doesn’t let me select this column. Any ideas? Help?

Is there at least one row of data in the table containing the USC you’re wanting to populate?

Yes, there are some data. If I make a regular column the option appears to me, but as soon as I make a column that is user specific it doesn’t let me. I have also tried to delete the data from the sheet and start over, but with no luck.

Could you show a screen shot of the table your form is writing to?

Sure. One sheet is supposed to have the options and the other one the replies. Maybe I’m missing a relationship column or the user specific column should also be on the replies sheet. Sorry, very newbie :confused:

Sorry, I’m struggling to get my head around what’s going on with your screen shots.

But, going back to part of your original question:

I’m not sure that you need any user-specific columns for that at all.
All you really need to do is write each response as a new row, and as long as you’re including some sort of user identifier in each response, then you can just use that to create a relation back to your user profiles sheet. Then each user will have access to their own responses through that relation.

Does that help?

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That makes sense! What I did is instead of having a “checkbox list” that gets the information from one tab, I just created the checkboxes direct on the form and their correspondent columns on the reply sheet with the user email as the user relation column. Don’t know if this the right way but now it works! Thanks :slight_smile:

Are you asking your users to check just one box, or any/all that apply?
If you only want them to select one, then using a Choice Component is a better approach.

Any or all that apply. It’s a yes no questionnaire with a few questions

Cool. Good luck!

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Cheers and thanks a lot!

I got something similar going on with a quiz, I’ll send it later to your mailbox when I have acces to the app