User Generated Filters (admin approved) - try again

This is something I have been working on. It may or may not be of interest to anyone, but it sure helped me.

In an app I am working on, I have a need to “run a report” with a filter on a screen. But I wanted the USER to choose the filter. It is kinda like running a “search” on a page, but the input is specific.

I have made a “fun app” to show you what I have done. (This is not my app, just a fun one to show the concept.)

The front page is a list of numbers, with a fun description. There is a button at the top to add your own.

The other page is a report page. The user has the ability to change the report through a choice menu at the top…

That change will be entered into cell A2 and a report will be generated in columns B-D and reflected on the app. I only display columns B-D. (it takes a couple of seconds for the report to run)

Go ahead, add some numbers. Run a report.


Thanks @spencersRus :slight_smile:

How did you preset it to one of the options?

Cool. I guess the only limitation there is that you wouldn’t be able to have this function on a “per user” level, right? So, what if I wanted it so that each user could select from the drop down menu to set the display they would like to see BUT not have that selection trigger users on other instances display to change as well?

… Still, thanks for putting that together. Very useful ability for special ADMIN type users.

You can do it if you have a record for each user and your are viewing the details for that user’s record. Then they are only controlling their own data. The Dynamic List Filter does this in .


You can copy the spreadsheet.

I have a “List” tab with just the options - Odd or Even
The Choice component comes from here and goes to the …

I have a “Report Page” tab that the user choice goes into.

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OMG @Jeff_Hagger

I am so glad I came back to this thread this morning! is an amazing piece of work and most useful. I will be spending the rest of the day studying these examples. This will accelerate my work considerably over the next few days.

Thank you for providing this asset to the community.


Gold medal for this app!