Filter choice component per-user

Hi all,

When I work with per user filter and I’m adding choice components to reflect a list (some items relate to specific mail and some are not) no matter with which user I’m checking I can see all the items of all the user in the list that open instead of only items related to the connected user and items which are not related to any user.
Anyone had this problem? Any way to solve this?

Thanks all in advance

I don’t think it’s a feature that’s been built in yet, so not necessarily a bug. This is something I think would be very useful as I have an application where I could use something like this. We need a way to assign a per user email column to the choice component.

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Thanks for the quick response @Jeff_Hager .
I hope you are wrong and this is a bug as this is crucial for the app I’m building. I can’t have users see other users info…
I hope one of the guys in Glide can share more info.

@Mark, your thoughts on this?

Hey @yinon_raviv. For sure, we’re hearing this from a lot of people and it’s on our roadmap.

This will be a huge adding to the app. Currently I’m stack and am looking for a workaround for this with no luck… :slightly_frowning_face: