Filter choice component per-user

Hi all,

When I work with per user filter and I’m adding choice components to reflect a list (some items relate to specific mail and some are not) no matter with which user I’m checking I can see all the items of all the user in the list that open instead of only items related to the connected user and items which are not related to any user.
Anyone had this problem? Any way to solve this?

Thanks all in advance


I don’t think it’s a feature that’s been built in yet, so not necessarily a bug. This is something I think would be very useful as I have an application where I could use something like this. We need a way to assign a per user email column to the choice component.


Thanks for the quick response @Jeff_Hager .
I hope you are wrong and this is a bug as this is crucial for the app I’m building. I can’t have users see other users info…
I hope one of the guys in Glide can share more info.

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@Mark, your thoughts on this?

Hey @yinon_raviv. For sure, we’re hearing this from a lot of people and it’s on our roadmap.

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This will be a huge adding to the app. Currently I’m stack and am looking for a workaround for this with no luck… :slightly_frowning_face:

@yinon_raviv, do you still have the same problem?

I thought the same when I tried using the choice component with a per user filter following a Jeff’s advice in another post but I have no success to get a right group of things based on user email.

In addition, I try with this that when a user uses a choice component, the other users don’t see what he is writing or his last parameter used. I mean, I want to have a multiuser choice component.

Thanks in advance for you help.



@gvalero Which post are you referring to? Per User Data on a choice component isn’t available yet as far as I know. I’m anxiously waiting for this too as I have a couple of projects that would use it.

As Jack said below bitht he options of choice (i.e. filter choice per user and search within a choice components)are not yet exist.

For me this will be a huge solution for few problems I face currently in


Hi again Jeff,

This is the post:

but what I am understanding now is that you changed the way how users see their own data in your App and not a way to modify the choice component’s properties to get a multiuser funcionality.

Sorry for my confusion. I will let you know what I can do to have an decent workaround.



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Yes, in the previous post and in the old version of my app, the list of items in the choice component were the same for everyone. The only “per user” functionality is that the selected items are saved to each users individual row. Being able to have a custom list of items for each user inside the choice component would be awesome.

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and what about if we could use the Favorite list as the choice component’s source of data?

If Favorites relies on per user data, each user will have his own list or options when a choice component is used.

In my case, I have a customer with 15+ vendors and 1500+ products (he will use a Pro plan of course). When a vendor generates a PO, he is going to use a choice component to select the right product and obviosly, to dig through a list with 1500+ products is something useless but, I can tell each vendor that at the begining, select his top 20 best products and put them to Favorite List and later, when he will load the drop-down list associated to choice component, he will choose only his top 20 products.

If the same vendor visits another customer later and the new order will involve other products not saved/listed in your Favorite List, he could add new products or eliminate old ones and create a dynamic list.

The 1500+ products could be the hard disk and the Favorite List the cache to work fast with any choice component.

The problem now is to find and work with that data marked as “Favorite List” which I think it’s saved as a cookie or on Glide’s servers.
If this data could be put/saved as a virtual tab in the DATA section of the Glide Editor, it will be fantastic and I could celebrate! :slight_smile:

Who do we need to call to see if this tip makes some sense and could be implemented without traumas? I think it’s a feature easy to create

Well, these are my 2 cents to help to fix it!.

Best regards.

Saludos a todos @yinon_raviv @Jeff_Hager


Interesting idea. Some sort of access to favorites would be nice. At the very least, I’m hoping they implement a search function for the choice component. I don’t really have a needed use case for it, but I’ve seen a few requests where people have hundreds or thousands of items in their choice component.

I just usually rely on the Glide team to see these posts. I’m sure they take note of feature requests and prioritize them into their roadmap. I’ve seen a lot of requests come into reality over the past several months.

If you are to implement this long-waited feature, there will be a case where the choice list will be empty, in which case there should be some placeholder that indicates emptiness in a more friendly way, and could even be a link to an Add screen to add entries.

BTW, in relation with my other feature request “Override Empty Placeholders”, this placeholder text should be configurable as well.