User-defined filter?

I’m creating an app that opens on a map with a number of locations, each with data. When all the data points are visible, the result overwhelms the map. I was wondering if there was a way for a user of the app to see a filter button (similar to the map/list view button) that would offer to filter the available data (in this case, podcasts) by a pre-defined category (eg: crime, history, travel) and only have those data show up on the map. Any hints as to how this could be achieved, if it is possible?

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If you create a sheet with a record for each user, then you can display that sheet using per user data and could have a column in that sheet that gets filled with a value from a Choice component. When that value changes, via the Choice component, in the sheet (categories), then in the data tab you can create a relation and use that value to link to your sheet that contains the locations. Add an inline list that uses that relation and change the inline list to use the map view.

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I set up an example under “Dynamic List Filter” in

Thanks, Jeff. I’ll have to play around with that and think on the possibilities/limitations. I was planning on having the app be public (though I guess I could have someone be required to create an account to start using it), so the ‘per user data’ wouldn’t apply.