User Profile In Map

I might be tripping over something silly but can’t figure how to do this.

I have a map with several locations. Locations fall into 2 types of programs offered ‘Paid’ and ‘Free’. I’ve enabled user profiles.

I want users who participate in the ‘Free’ program to see a few locations and those that participate in the ‘Paid’ program to see all locations. In the sheet with locations I’ve set up a column specifying if a location shows up under ‘Paid’ or ‘Free’. I’ve also set up a column in the ‘User’ sheet specifying if a certain user participates in a ‘Paid’ or ‘Free’ program. However in the ‘Map’ tab of my app, I don’t see an option of filtering based on ‘User’ in the dropdown conditions on the features tab.

What am I missing? Should I set up a relation column somewhere linking the two sheets - User and Locations using the column ‘Program’. All the tutorials show the ‘user’ as a filtering condition. But in this particular tab it doesn’t.

Thankyou for any help you can provide.

Probably you’re trying to find that user menu in the first field. You can set the map type (Paid/Free) in the first field, then the user type in the second one I suppose.

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Hey @Food2Soil

Besides @ThinhDinh option, Have you tried making two map tabs. One with Free user visibility condition and the other one for the paid ones?

Or just one map tab with two inline lists filtered by user paid/free.

I hope this helps

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