User-configurable sorting

Would be great for users to be able to sort lists as needed (alphabetically, by date/time added, ascending/descending).


You could probably do this with a choice component to select a sorting type and then use visibility to control multiple inline lists that are sorted differently. Only one list would show at a time depending on the selected value in the choice component. A built in feature would be far better of course, but this may be a workaround for you. Unfortunately it would require per user data so everybody has control over their own choice component.

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Yeah I thought of that as an option took and it’s definitely possible, but having sorting options built in would be way more user friendly, especially for newer Gliders

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This is not perfect. (because there is no sign in) but this is a beginning thought of how what @Jeff_Hager was talking about.

The user sort choic has 3 lists and each list has its own visibility and sort.


Nice workaround :+1:t4:

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I added another sort: Popularity

I had a column ‘count’ the votes and then the User can choose to sort by popularity.


Hi Spencer,

Could you explain in more details how you’ve configured this? Does the user sort their preferences in the other tab?