Allow Users to Create Custom Sorting

I have so many items in my apps that need to be sorted in a variety of views. If there was a button to allow the users to enter a sorting mode, they could then drag and drop the items into the correct order. Perhaps this could also be done with just a long press on the items. Once the sorting mode was entered, Glide would make a column in the backend that would assign all items a sorting number. As the user dragged these items into the correct position glide would take care of reassigning these numbers to the specific items.

I agree. To start, Glide should allow us to have multiple sort conditions for inline lists…eg. ”first sort by category, then sort by name ascending”

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mmm, user customisable dashboards…

This is something I’ve been giving some thought lately. I think it is possible to create some level of customisation through the use of user preferences to control tab/component visibility and perhaps list sort order. But allowing users to arrange components on a screen would be very slick :+1:

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Yes :slightly_smiling_face:. The simple thing to click on arrows top down as in our mailbox columns whatever the platform (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) to activate sorting from the selected column.