Customer Sorting by Moving Items up\down

Hi Gliders!
I need to allow to Rearrange\Reorder Items (Photos) by User in a List (Photo-Album). For example if the Photo Y is now placed in order X-Y-Z (between X and Z), i need to put it between Photo C and Photo D as C-Y-D. And this feature should be available for unlimited times for any Item (Photo).
Does anybody here did this or knows how it could be released by the easiest and nice way? Thank you in advance)

Somebody asked a similar question several months ago, and I gave an example of one way to do this.

I’m not sure if I’d do it the same way now, but you are welcome to take a look and use that if you want to (there is a copyable app in that thread).


This seemed like an interesting method that’s a little cleaner and appears to swap the sorting number between the previous or next row. I haven’t taken the time to study it, but it looks promising.


Hi Darren! Thank you very much for the response! Am going to see that app)

Hi Jeff!
Thank you for the support! Going to deep there)

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The method in the last App is more visual, thank you)

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