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Hi Community members,
I hope everyone is doing well during these holidays.

In regards to my question, i hope i can explain it to you and hope someone can help me.
I have created a Glide Classic app. (I made this app before Glide changed their apps/pages)
In this app I keep track of all the plastic scale models I have in inventory, or working on, or that are already done. In that list I also have some scale models as a wishlist.
When i open the app, the list is sorted as, Inventory, then Done, then Work in Progress, then wishlist, and last Ordered.
But I would my list to be like, Work in Progress, Done, Inventor, Ordered, and Wishlist.
Any one has any idea on how to do this?
I know i also can use filters and in the app i have the option to filter, but it would be nice if i could have default the list i descipted.
Right now, i am using a Category column. And I have an Option column, in which i have all the different Category names.
I am using a Google Sheet for all of this.
I hope my question and my goal are clear.
Many thanks for all your tips and help.
But keep it simple when explaining. I did not use Glide for a while and things have changed, and i am not really used to it yet :slightly_smiling_face:

Add an If-Then-Else column. If status is WIP then 5, Done then 4, Inventor then 3, Ordered then 2, Wishlist then 1, and sort descendingly by that If-Then-Else column.


I did not think of that :slight_smile:
Later today I will see if I can get it to work :slight_smile:

It had work :slight_smile:
Something so simple, but I did not think about it.
Again, thanks

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