Sorting with priorities

Is it possible to do sorting with priorities in Glide?
For example, I have a fruit sorting app.
Every fruit can be big or small, sweet or sur, red, yellow or green. These are the choices.
After making the choices in the app, I have a list of fruits. I want to sort these fruits: first by size, then by taste and then by color. Like sorting by multiple columns in google sheet.

Hope you can understand what I mean, English is not my first language.


You try to understand the glide filter feature to try out the content you see how

This link:

Hi @Anastasia_Y,

Are these fruits hard coded into the spreadsheet by you, or user provided? If they are hard coded by you, then I suggest sorting the fruits in your spreadsheet as any reference to that list will auto sort by default in your glideapp in sheet order (even if certain items are filtered out).

If however you have user provided fruits (aka a list that is by its nature not in any order) then although multilevel sorting is not available in the component sort options, using an additional column for codifying each fruit might do the trick.

In your spreadsheet you could create a SortOrder column with a function that determines a “code” for each fruit based on the 3 categories, which is built to sort by the 3 properties above.

Could you share a snippet of those 3 columns to see what form the options take?