How to Enable In-App Sorting

I created my first Glide App today and I tried to enable In-App Sorting but I can’t follow the instructions here: Glide • Sort

Was that feature only supported with Classic Apps?

Can you show us how are you structuring your tab? You should be able to sort using the collection settings.

My data is a google sheet that looks like this:

For sorting, I am sorting the default list. However, I want to enable in app sorting by end users, to sort how they want to. It should be possible per this link: Glide • Sort but the steps indicated in the instructions aren’t available.

You can see my default sort here, but there are no additional sorting options:

Just below Check-in, to the right of the Search bar, there is a filter symbol. In that dropdown menu your users should be able to sort by Table (Party).

So I think what you want to do is to provide more sorting options like this part mentions?

It’s not possible as of now.

That provides the option to filter, but not to sort.