In app sort missing and in-app filtering has been make worse?

Hi all,

I have a problem…I think I am probably missing something very easy and simple, but I could not figure it out.

I have been using Glide since 3 years now, and I always have been using the “old” glide apps (now they are called legacy).

I have a collection, a list of items. In the editor of the glide legacy app, I can choose a sorting column to be used in order to sort the list AND I have the possibility to add more than one “in-app sort”, i.e. there is the possibility, inside the app on the phone and on the web, to sort differently the list.

For example, the users can sort the list by name, by expiring date and by project.

I was unable to find how to make it in glide app (formerly glide pages)…I think (and hope) I am missing something very silly that I do not see on the editor…

Can anybody tell me how to do it?


No, there’s currently no way to do that in the new Glide Apps.

Thanks for your answer, even if it’s not the one I hoped :slight_smile:

@Mark @david Is there any planning to re-add this feature in new glide apps? It was very useful



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Dear @ThinhDinh ,
dear all,

I have a new question…Always speking about the new glide app compared to old one, the previuos in-app filter let you select more than 1 option, and see all the items in a list which were ok with at least 1 element of the filter. For example, let’s say we had 3 classrooms, in the filter I could select classroom 1 AND classromm 2, and see all the student of the 2 class, and not see the 3rd classroom…now I can only select 1 classroom each time…Is this something again changed in worse or I am missing something?


Yeah I think’s that the behaviour now. I don’t know if they change it in the future.

Hey Fabio

Both of your problems can be fixed if you create a custom filter. It’s more difficult and it will take some updates from your limits. But in that case you can have multiple choice in the filter and create the different sorting options.

There are different ways to do that, but usually I create the Title Action for the list with “Show new screen” action. After that you can use a helper table or current user’s row to store values that you will record there using filter dropdowns for example. And based on the values you create indication filter columns in your database.

I think there are some guides at Youtube that you can check if that’s not 100% clear


This post may help! :point_right: In-App Sorting (Simple Solution)

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@Loqode Thanks for your video! very appreciated!! I did managed to get a similar result, but mine is not a nice as yours…I think I will copy your one! Any advice about filtering and selecting more than 1 option at once? For example, see my text below

any suggestion?


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Dear Petr, thanks for your reply…interesting suggestions. I will try to study more about your advices! thanks!

No worries!! Always happy to help. Unless I’ve misunderstood your questions, can’t you just add the native filter and select multiple options? :thinking:

Hey Fabio,

You might not see multi-filter option if you don’t have it enabled, as it’s a new feature still in preview. From your project home, top right look for “Previews”

Here’s another video you might find to be helpful, about options for applying standard and global filters.

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