🌪️🌪️ Multiple In-App Filtering for Any Collection

:wave: Hey, fellow Gliders!

Glide now allows you to add multiple, in-app filtering to any Collection component!

To use Multiple Filtering in your Glide App:

  1. enable Multiple Filtering in your Glide team folder
  2. add a Collection component
  3. visit the In-App Filtering section in the Options menu. Easy! :pinched_fingers:

Hi @Robert_Petitto, thanks once again for taking the time to make these videos.

I have a question… Is it possible to make the selections of the in-app filters “persistent” or get “saved”?

That way the users don’t have to select their particular set of filters every time they log into the app.

Are user specific columns able to save the selections? Or maybe a button to “save a preset”?

Something that could allow users to always get a particular set of filters if they want to.

Oh… and also… Is there a way to decide the order of the shown tags inside the in-app filter?

I have an app that uses week days as tags… I’d like to order them chronologically, but it gives me alphabetically by default with no option to choose something different.

I was thinking about “1) Monday”, “2) Tuesday” and so on… but it looks ugly.

Is there some kind of “magic” like you always say?

I believe it does get saved and you don’t have to do it again every time. Can you confirm this?

Yeah, this is annoying. I would love an option to order it.

I can confirm every time I close the app and open it again the selections are cleared and I have to select all the filters again.

The settings for the app is “Public - Required Sign-in” and I’m logged in with my user.

That’s weird. We have an internal dashboard for our agency and I can confirm this filter sticks.

Hhhhmmm… I just tried it. In my iPhone I set some filters, then I open the iOS app drawer to dismiss the app and then I open it again. The filters are cleared out.

Is there any settings I should take a look at for that to happen?

I mean… I have “Public” and “Required Sign-in” enabled and then in the Users & Authentication section I have “User Profiles” set in the Source field, collect real email addresses and always set user authentication cookie.

I don’t have an immediate though why it can happen. Can you record a video?

Take a look here: Dropbox - RPReplay_Final1704759510.mp4 - Simplify your life

At this point did you attempt to sign out? I think not?

If you don’t sign out and the filter doesn’t stick, then I would say it’s a bug.

I just opened that drawer to let you know I’m signed in. I didn’t log out.

I would suggest submitting a ticket with the video above.

Ya, the options shouldn’t be removed, seems buggy…but another option would be to create your preferences in the users table. Don’t write them to user specific columns, but rather, basic columns that get “attached” to the user profile. Then, as long as you’re signed in, your options should be saved.

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We figured out the behavior differed between private vs public apps and the fix has been released. Let us know if you seen anymore issues with this.


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