🗓️ Dynamically filter an inline list by TIMEFRAME (Parts 1 & 2)!

:wave: Hey fellow Gliders!

In this video, learn how to dynamically filter a list of records by timeframes (day, week, month, etc.) using a Choice component, some Math columns and a Make Array column.

Also features the concept of a “Work Table” to keep your data tables lean!

:popcorn: Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2


This is Gold Bob!
Thanks for sharing :blush:

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Amazing video! Thanks for sharing these tips and tricks!

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This is great. Thanks Robert. :+1:

Just a thought :thought_balloon: maybe could also generate a ‘quickchart’ using the output of the filter. Need to play around to see if this is possible.

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Sure could! You could display a Glide Chart via the relation or create a quickchart via some join lists of the relation that eventually feed a construct URL column.


Great job Bob! But if I could select the filter about last month? I could duplicate date_month column and add (-1) but if current month is January it doesn’t work, because math column display 202200. How can I do it? Thanks @Robert_Petitto

Right…there are a couple options available.
1.) Write the value “Last Month” to a date time column. Use this as the basis for the filter.
2.) Do some crazier math that calculates a last month value

Both are a bit complicated to explain in text. Stay tuned to part 2 of my video!

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Nice use of the Make Array column there, Bob :+1:

You mean like this? :wink:


I knew you’d appreciate that :smile:

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I knew you would come up with an example. Nice one…. :clap:

It is as well great (nice work and explanation!) as proof that Glide can win a lot on making things easier (complicated!) :wink:

Thanks for sharing that @Robert_Petitto
And I also practise my English language (I am in France)
Much better than Netflix :slight_smile:


Hehe, Bobflix has always been good!


Now there’s an app idea…


You are already good at teasing the next episode : Dynamically filter Part 2
Can’t wait :wink:


Series about different things in the Glide verse, recommendation for what is similar to watch (or next steps in the learning curve after the current video), categories, paywalled content?

I don’t follow. Are these suggestions for new videos?

No, for your Bobflix app. I was thinking if you convert your YouTube to an app Netflix-style it would have things like that. :sweat_smile:

Ahhhhh too true. Nice idea for sure…I’d have to promote a influx pretty heavily to get the same amount of exposure as YouTube tho :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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