Show data from - to

Hello! Is it possible to show data based on date calculations? For example in the filter? For example:

  • last 30 days
  • from date x to date y

You can write a nested if else for the first case.

For the second, you will have to use some trickery to filter the data based on the selection.
I use it in one of my templates:

I have created a calculated array I my spreadsheet which shows the date 30 days after now in any single row of an events sheet whit this formula.

={“DateUsa30”;ARRAYFORMULA(IF(E2:E<>"";TEXT(Today ()+30;“DD/MM/YYYY”);""))}

You can use this formula in the first row in any new column and E2 refers to the column where I have the Date of an event just to avoid to write new rows or Today+30 data if not necessary

Try to change data type to date format of you new array column in your Glide Sheet if it doesn’t recognize it as date format.

Now you can use before or after filters for any row of your sheet as shown below.

Hope it helps.