Date Range in Glide

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I am working all in glide and have not had to use any coding outside of my basic html in the rich text fields, or in my spreadsheet. But is there a way in GLIDE, to select a range of dates:
Last 30 days. Since March 15. in Glide. I have checked all the other posts and don’t see this particularly addressed.

I have contacts from 2016 to now, but would love to have an option in a report screen, where in “this time frame”, these filters are true and display only certain info.

Sure, there’s a few ways to do that. You could probably have a choice component with different options that will write to a column that you use for your filter to compare the date in the list to the screen value date set by a choice.

Check out this post for some ideas. I haven’t tried using text values from a choice component to set a date, but it might be worth a shot. Or you could use a math column to calculate a number of days from today (might be better if you want the value to automatically update) then use that calculated value for your filter.

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