Date Ranges

Good afternoon, we have had to rethink a prototype that we were testing in GLIDE in which we had several tables (one for each month of the year) in which we recorded the activity times of operators of a service company, and now we do it on a SINGLE table in which to record all the times of the operators’ reports and previously identifying the date in each row (DD/MM/YYYY).

But now we need to solve how to show subtotals of operator times by month or by date ranges from the date reported in said single table.

We have tried to solve it without success and we have also tried to search for information in the community but we have not found it.

Could someone guide us???

Thanks in advance

This might give you a good start:


Thank you very much @Robert_Petitto for the link. That’s what I needed :wink:

Thanks again for your help.