Option to make "In App" Filters PERSISTENT across tabs

I would like the user of my app to select a filter item (in my case, a “property”) and have that filter remain selected as the user taps on different tabs. The filter selection would remain checked (persistent) until the user manually changes it, regardless of which tab is being used.

Also, to aid the user visually, to the left of the filter icon, an icon OR value (in smaller type or truncated… view) could show the currently selected filter value or values.

In design mode, there could be a ‘checkbox’ when creating an in-app filter that says “Make Filter persistent across tabs” so it could be easily enabled or disabled in design mode.


Great suggestion! You can submit it here.

I did this for a client recently but using a workaround with choice component and complex filtering accross tabs.

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Thanks - can you share how you did that - at least conceptually. I’d like to give it a try with a few strategy tips. Thanks

I have a separate sheet to store all user choices with user-specific columns.

Then in each sheet I want to apply the filter, I make single values column to bring the filter over and make if > then > else column for conditional visibility. I have to take into account the cases where they don’t choose the filter as well, so that’s a bit tricky. A lot of columns for any sheets you want to have the filter on.

Then in each tab of the app, I make a button that links to the filter sheet with user-specific columns and let them edit the filters there.

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