In-app filtering - can this be done

I wondering whether this can be done - I cannot figure it out. Maybe my fellows gliders can see the light?

I want to employ the in-app filtering
I don’t want to do multiple select in the in-app filtering (i.e. selecting multiple values)

I have a number of meetings rooms which can hold a number of people

Meeting room 1: 4 people
Meeting room 2: 4 people
Meeting room 3: 6 people
Meeting room 4: 8 people

I would like to make a filter saying

If you choose the different filters:
4+ ~ 4 meeting rooms possible
6+ ~2 meeting rooms possible
8+ ~1 meeting room possible

Any way this is possible?

Since your choices are few, you could use the Choice component showing those choices, perhaps using the ‘side view’ (for lack of the right term) instead of a list view.

Use a different sheet to pull the choices from, then create an ‘invisible’ column in the sheet that you have the meeting room filters, to put the choice that is selected in there.

On your app, create 4 Inline columns each with the filtered data for each choice. Then under Visibility Condition for each Inline List component, you put in the appropriate condition according to the choice that’s made.

I hope I explained it correctly.

@Carlos_DeSilva I don’t want users to sign in - and therefore a choice made by one people will propagate to other people. This isn’t acceptable.

I have been looking at in-app filtering as a way to avoid the progagation of selections.

Therefore I don’t think your solution will work for me - but I appreciate your suggestion.

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I’ll play around with this tonight. My first thought is no because selecting a filter doesn’t alter your sheet nor is it recognizable to components. If there was a Visibility feature like “show when in app filter is __”, this would be easily possible, but there isn’t …yet.

The other thought would be to Create an array column. @Jeff_Hager suggested this solution that may apply:

Filtering issue: when i select ‘vegan’ also show me ‘vegan, high protein’

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Check this out:

Go to the meeting rooms tab. Here’s the logic:

  1. This data feeds the app
  2. Use the resulting array column to feed the inapp filter
  3. When selecting one of the room capacities…
    Screen Shot 2020-02-23 at 4.29.49 PM
  4. …the ones marked thus in the sheet get displayed.

Only thing you can’t do yet is have this functionality (let alone any in app filter) in a “details” view. Otherwise, you could have potentially displayed a rich text header with “X number of rooms available” that was conditioned on the data.

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