Search by multiple in app filters


I would like to create multiple in-app filters. I see you can create multiple sort by options. Am I missing something or is this not possible?

Ex: I would like users to have to option to search by neighborhood if alcohol is served if gift cards are sold…etc. I have these as Yes or No in the datasheet.

Thank you!

Something like the last tab in this template?

Oh yes please! How do I do that?

Create a field in your spreadsheet where you accept the filter value as input.
Pull this value as a single-value variable in the list of items you want to filter.
Filter the list of items based on this single-value variable.

For multiple search criteria, repeat the process, build a IF THEN column to test for all the conditions, then filter the list for the value in this IF THEN column.

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Is there a video that explains this?

I haven’t created one yet. But maybe others have.

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How do you get the items to populate at the bottom?

I added the choice component, but nothing happens when I click on the yes portion.

You have to add an inline list that is filtered based on the filters you’ve selected.

Ah! finalyyyy figured it out. Thank you!

I made one for choice component of 5 choices as a dropdown (Restaurant, Bar, Deli, Wine Shop, Specialty)

The In line list isn’t populating. Does it not work in the drop down orientation?

That shouldn’t matter.

Ah I figured out what I was doing wrong.
Thank you!

One more question. Is there a way to have a submit button towards to bottom after selecting certain choice components, and have the inline lists populate on another page?

It would take away a lot of interactivity.

In my courses app, people can see live what courses fit a particular criteria.

I would imagine users getting very frustrated if they have to move back and forth between configuring filters and viewing the results.

But I guess it depends on your usecase (mine was exploring what courses fit the bill).

You can use a button to link to a screen, which in turn shows the filtered inline list. Or, directly link to the list and use filters to show the relevant results.

I know what you mean. The issue was that there were about 8 choice components, so a user would have to scroll down each time to see the list. I just removed some thinking they probably won’t be used as much as the ones I kept.

Do you know if I can remove the No choice…so it’s just a dash and yes?

Yes. You can do that.

Can I do it without altering the original data sheet?

You just have to change the options for the Choice.

That’s in the choice component settings?

You can filter out certain options in the choice component, or just point the source to a separate sheet that only lists the options you want to display.


Ah, like this?

Image 27