User-specific filters

Hi there,

I’m almost finished with our app, but there’s 1 thing I just can’t seem to find and that’s how to set up filters properly. I’m building an app for people to easily find brands within the region.

I have quite a lot of filters (ethical, animal friendly, plastic free…). The results (the companies matching these filters) should appear based on the checkboxes that the user uses.

I’m using different categories (restaurants, make-up and personal care…), so depending on the category they’re searching companies in other filters should be displayed (for instance: recycled products is not applicable for restaurants).

In the screenshots you can see my set-up so far.
Anyone who has an idea how to set this up?



Check this out:

Hi Jeff, I checked this one already, but I have 18 filters. Which is way too much to use in this way. How about the in-app filtering? There I’m able to use check multiple filters. The only issue I have is to connect the in-app filter with the options being displayed, if that makes sense.

In-app filtering would only work for 1 field, and as you have too many we can’t do templates for combinations as well.

In my opinion, @Robert_Petitto’s solution is ideal for multiple and complex filters. I agree with @ThinhDinh, using in app filtering will probably be more of a headache to try to get it to work. I would suggest a page where the user selects their filters. Then you bring them into the other sheets with single value columns and start to set up if/then columns to determine your final filtering value. It may take some work, but start with a couple filters, see what works for you, then add the rest of the filters. I’m sure you can set it up to only check certain values if the category matches a certain type of category.

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