Limitations for Filters

I’m trying to create an app that is much like an airbnb, yelp, expedia in the sense that I need multiple categories of filters in order for logged in users to narrow down the options. I am currently only seeing the ability to have one long list of filters instead of separate categories. I am currently still in the free mode as I build out the app, so perhaps there are features unavailable to me in the free mode, but I am concerned the whole basis for my platform wont work now. Would love some advice, thanks!!

Hey Katelyn!

I guess you can watch @Robert_Petitto video and follow this thread if you have any doubts

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Thank you! I followed exactly and re-watched ten times and it isn’t connecting the same way for me as it did for him but I will keep looking around in the comments.

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Yeah, the video is a little old but I guess you can follow the step for what you need