Multiple level filtering

Hello. I am trying see an example or validate an app that uses multiple filters to sort through a large list of features. I imagine a filter for category1 - where category1 has feature1, feature2 … feature10 . Then adding a second filter for category2, where category2 has feature 1, feature2 … feature8. Then adding a third filter for category 3 … and so on and so on for about 10 categories.

I envision an interface that shows radio buttons for the features a category. The user would pick a category, then select the features wanted for that category with radio buttons. Then do it again with the subsequent categories. The user can pick features in each of the 10 categories and the list will continue to be filtered. There should be a button to reveal the filtered list. The filtered list will show card view any products that meet all the filters applied.

Since I can’t see any examples listed I wonder if it can be done. Is it feasible?

If it can be done, are there any examples to show me the UI for filtering.


yes, possible. Check out this tutorial for some ideas…

Note that Glide doesn’t have a radio button component, but based on your description that would be the wrong choice anyway. You’ll probably want to use Checkboxes or Switches.

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