N*M relations

I am building educational sw directory. Each entry has 1 to n categories. How do I build relations for that in glide? Attention: there si no problem to have many entries within one category. I want to have filter of entries for 2 or more categories, logical AND.

Did you figure any of this out? Can you provide more of an explanation of your use case or some screenshots? If I’m understanding correctly, you should be able to create a delimited list of categories, then use the Split Text component to split that list into an array that you can use for relations to or from that sheet.

Jeff, tnx for replying!
I have actually three challenges:

  1. I have the app for directory of medical SW solutions. They are categorized, for instance in x-ray filed we have RIS and PACS solutions, but some solutions cover both. I solved that with Cat A and Cat B, but this is neither elegant nor complete solution because I can have products that fit in more than two categories. Actually I want to have for my users on UI categories in dropdown with with multiple choice.
    2a. Filtering with multiple categories. Now I can get filtered list based on ONE category, in the example given above, either for RIS or for PACS. It would be fine to experience how I can click two or more categories and get filtered combined selection (AND / OR option would be excelent).
    2b. Pased on 2a challenge, also filtering on combined different data (columns) would be fine. Example: I have categories, but also countries of origin for SW solutions. So user might ask for selection of SW for PACS, but from USA manufacturers. Is it possible?
  2. To add some more complexity in my requirements, I have also the challenge for having so called structured categoreis: As an example, I have the following in my medical SW categories:
  • Diagnostic SW
    ** X-ray
    *** RIS
    *** PACS
  • Laboratory SW
    ** Biochemistry
    ** Hematology
    ** Microbiology

So if I search with teh filter “Laboratory SW”, I should be able to get all entries where any of subcategory is checked. is it possible?

For me it would be enough to give a hint for some glide template which has these features.
Thanks in advance

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Sorry for the delay. I do better with visuals and simple examples. Big words confuse me. :wink: But from what I’m getting out of your description, I think you are looking for a better way to to do multiple complex filtering that’s more robust than the built in filtering that glide provides. I would recommend reading through this thread to get you in the right direction.

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Hi Jeff,

Thanks, I am working on solving my requests using your inpputs, thread you recommended is great! I will come to you with my result soon.

One short lateral question to you (without big wors! :blush: ): why there is no glide here: https://www.g2.com/categories/no-code-development-platforms ?

Best regards

Good question, but it’s not my website to maintain. :wink: