Glide Pages/Data Editor | Relation with Match Multiple Problem


I am having some difficulty in using Match Multiple with a Relation on Pages/Data Editor, please see below:

Product A shows Category A and Product B should show Category B and Category BB.

This samples is using Row IDs (preferred by me) but I also tried some other options e.g. Text or Integers.

Please advise, many thanks,


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Use a Split Text column to split your comma delimited text into an array. Then use the array with your relation.

Hi @Jeff_Hager,

Many thanks for the quick reply, that’s working fine but now the Category Field has vanished on the Forms:

Sorry about the big picture :), could be useful as reference for other users.


That’s because you are trying to place an array (multiple values) into a field that can only hold a single value. Instead of a Lookup column, use a Joined List column that uses your relation to return all category names as a single delimited text string. Since that will create a single value, you will be able to use it in your list.

OK, thanks again, working now, lots of steps ( 3 ) to achieve this :).

Thinking of publishing more info for other users once having digested and fully understood how this works.

PS Am new to Glide, coming from ASP.NET | Open-source web framework for .NET Server and all of this completely new to me.

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I hear ya. RPGLE and .NET are what I primarily work with at my day job. A lot of mainframe and web development. Even those two have their unique differences. Glide is a little different, where logic is placed in the table instead of a separate code environment. But overall, once you get the hang of Glide and learn what you can and can’t do, then you realize that it’s pretty powerful, yet simple to work with. Having a programming background definitely helps to understand how all the pieces fit together in Glide. You’ll enjoy it!

If you haven’t discovered any of this yet, here is some resources to help you learn more.