Relate multiple items from a single cell


I have a question regarding relations. I have already made a simple relation work but what confuses me the most
is how do you relate multiple items from a cell to a single category?

In my case I have built a job offers app and some offers have multiple locations and types of work, I was thinking there has to be an easier way to relate all of them without making a copy for each combination.

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I’m new to glide. But regarding the relation. This tutorial maybe can help you.

HI @biha

Thank you for the suggestion I’ve already tried this and if there is more than one item in the cell it doesn’t recognize it.

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Can you show the screenshot for me to understand your problem. Just need you to share :slight_smile:

I’d love to,


The things you want to relate must be the same.
Let’s say you have “Participatiewet, Requlier, Wsw” in “Vacature Mei 2021” Table
You also should have '“Participatiewet, Requlier, Wsw” in “Functiegroep” Table.

True, that is a solution as well to include the combinations,
less headache of having to copy the same offer.

Thanks again

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You can use the Template column to combine it

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Use a Split Text column to split you comma delimited list into an array. Then you can can create your relation between your array of categories and the the single category.


@Jeff_Hager Thank you kindly for your suggestion

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