Unable to get relations to work

Hi, I’m trying to setup a relation that connects selected “choices” from a form in one tab to another.

I am building a restaurant notes application and in the form in the tab you can select multiple category tags like “BBQ, Tacos, Pizza, etc”. I have another tab that is linked to that “choices” in the first form that houses all these tags. Im looking to create a relation in the tags tab that links to the selected tags within the first form. This way a user can navigate to the tags tab select something like Tacos and see all the restaurants with that tag associated with it. I tried multiple ways to create multiple relations, but as a very new user to Glide I’m struggling to get it to function. I followed the relations guide, but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can you show how your relation is configured, the value you are using for the relation, and some of the rows you are attempting to relate to?

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Hi Jeff, Thank you for the reply.

So I can successfully get this to work after some trial and error if only ONE tag is selected in the original form. If I select multiple tags the relation stops working.

To make it work with multiple tags, you would need to use a Split Text column to coerce your tags into an array, and then use that to form the relation.


Are you able to elaborate on this just a little more. Are you saying that my tags column needs to be recreated as a Slice Array? Then create the relation?

No. I was assuming that your tag column is a comma separated list of values, that’s populated by a choice component in multi-select mode. If that assumption is correct, then all you need to do is create the extra column that I described and use that column in the multiple relation.


Ok I just want to make sure I understand.

I will make another tags column next to my existing one and then create a second relation column on top of that?

Also your assumption is correct

No, just create a Split Text column, point it to you existing column of selected choices, then change the relation to use that Split Text column.


Thank you Jeff and Darren. This worked. I am really appreciated of the support from this community. Even though my questions maybe laughable and the easiest things I’m learning so much. Thank you again.


It took me at least 3 months to figure out what a split text column is useful for, so you’re way ahead of me :wink:


Well, I’ve got that going for me!


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