Creating Relation with a Relation and Column

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I am in the midst of setting up a Multi Match Filter according to the example I found in an exemplary app. You have a category created that is a relation with the foods possible for the different items. Food a = vegan & healthy, Food b = meat & healthy
Then the relation with the types of food are related to the User Choices. Thus, you need to create a relation with the relation “Category” and the column where the User Choice is entered.

I am facing issues creating the relation with user choices because for me under the configuration I am not shown the relations. I checked in other tables as well where the relations have already been created since longer and it is not showing there either, so it is not an updating problem of the file.

Any help would be tons appreciated!
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Hi Franziska, welcome to the community!

Can you show us some screenshots of your existing relations as well?

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You may be referring to my example in my Concepts app. Had to take a look again to see how I have it set up, but I think what you are referring to is trying to create a relation from what looks like a relation, but is in fact an array column build from several individual columns. First of all, in my example, the Category 1, Category 2, Category 3 columns may look like a relation because of the icon, but they are actually an array column. That’s why they were sequentially numbered. It looks like you took those numbered columns and gave them individual names instead, which no longer joins them together as an array column and that’s why you see your individual Category columns instead. I’m guessing you are trying to link all of your Category columns as one joined column array to another sheet in your relation? In the concepts example, the numbering is very important for creating the array column to perform the relation. Array columns are multiple columns that have the same name, but are sequentially number, so they are joined together as a single array column.

Again to clarify, array columns and relations are very different things, but for some reason, they share the same column icon. An array column is not a relation and a relation cannot use another relation as part of it’s link. You can however use a lookup column from another relation as part of the link in a new relation, but that’s unrelated to your question for now.

If you are looking for another example of a multiple match filter, I would suggest taking a look at this post:

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I’ve often wondered this, too. Any chance for a different icon @mark @JackVaughan?


Thank you very much for that explanation. The array column and relation sign is indeed a bit confusing.
I followed the video by Robert and was able to create the filters - so thank you very much for that!
Now there is one more thing that is not entirely perfect yet: Is it possible to show the array column of my Category 1, Category 2, and Category 3 that is automatically created in the sheet in the choice selection? Because here now it somehow doesn’t show even though I can see it in my data sheet, see screenshot.
It should show a Room Type array category, but it doesn’t

Thank you for your help!
Happy week :slight_smile:

If you want to point an array column to a choice component then it’s not possible as of now. Data has to be in a vertical format (multiple rows) instead of horizontal (multiple columns).

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Yes, we will sort this. Completely agree.