How to filter row with multiple condition

hi everyone, i’m struggling with filters.
i can’t figure how to filter data with multiple conditions.
Create an App which objective is to share news. Users are classified by 3 differents categories : Job, Location and Status.

The Objective: each user only has access to the news that concerns him. (right job, right location, right status)

In user sheet, 3 colums : Job, Location and Status
In news sheet 3 colums : Job, Location and Status

with ‘Glide Relation’, i can filter all news by just one categorie (either job or location or status), but I can’t figure out how to do a filter with 3 differents categories at the same time…

In googlesheet, it’s easy with query+OR+AND. But in glide …

someone had any idea ? :sweat_smile:

There are a couple ways to do this.

  1. Create 3 relation columns in the news sheet. One for Job, one for Location, and one for Status. Then create 3 lookup columns to get the email addresses from each relation. Use the lookup columns to create 3 filters by signed in user.

  2. Take your Job, Location, and Status columns and either rename the headings or use a formula to create 3 new columns with the headings ‘Filter 1’, Filter 2’, and Filter 3’. Do this in both sheets. This should allow you to use the Glide created ‘Filter’ array column to link both sheets together with a relation. Then create one lookup column to get email addresses to use for filtering by signed in user.

My vote is option 2

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Thinking about it more, option 2 might not work if you needed an exact match on all three. In that case:

Option 3: create template columns in both sheets to join all three columns. Then use the template columns for the the relation and lookup.

whoo! you are fast ! thanks a lot ! i try the 3 option and let you know. :smiley:

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it’s work perfectly great !! You are amasing ! Thanks you so much !!!
Option 2 was the most adapt to my need.
i own you one, if i can do something for you, just ask :pray: :pray:

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Can anyone give an example of something similar? I want a sheet where at the top, users enter multiple conditions, and this dynamically creates a filtered list based on those conditions. thanks

Hi, maybe this can help

hi AyS, thank you, very similar to what I need, but is there a demo/template version I could follow? Struggling to follow your instructions even though they are clear because I am a beginner with glide. If you don’t want to release your app, could you release a mock up version with an example working? thank you