Multiple In App Filters For Website


Just looking at Glide pages. Is there any way to to add multiple In App Filters. I have data with a series of “features” that I would like to allow users to filter the data by? Seems you can only apply one.

You can see over at that I have setup multiple filters for users to toggle and play with but the last one, features, does not work if you select more than 1 feature and it doesnt work if the features column within my data is empty.


There is no way to directly apply more than one filter but you can do it using choice components and user specific columns,
The choice component puts the value in a user specific column and then you can use single value column to in the data sheet and filter the inline list. So to have more than 1 filter you can have that many user specific columns and single value columns and then filter the inline list based on those selections.
Hope that makes sense and helps!


That is indeed the correct way of doing it, aided by the new ability to select multiple options in a choice component.


Hola @Thinhdinh

Your filter can be read and work like…???

1- Show horses brought from North America AND Gelding AND Jumpers AND Hunters

2- Show horses brought from North America OR Gelding OR Jumpers OR Hunters

3- Show horses brought from North America AND Gelding AND (Jumpers Or Hunters)

I created a new way to have a customized filter based on relations (without using InLine List’s filter) but your case is causing me a little headache if it is the #3 :face_with_head_bandage:


Yes it is indeed the 3. My case is multiple to 1 though, each horse can only be jumper or hunter or X so that’s a straightforward split and relate.

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