"Dynamic group-by" inline list

Hi, in case this is not a common workaround, happy to share an approach to have an inline list “dynamically grouped by” a choice component.
This enables users to choose how to group-by the results of the inline list (+ to reduce the nb of inline list by x if we had 1 by ‘group-by’ criteria)

I’ve got 1 tab for [Search] and 1 for [Content]; I had to separate them because the [Search] tab displays elements of various tabs.
In the [Search] tab, I have a ‘choice component’ for the ‘group-by’ options.
=> But the standard “group-by” feature of the inline list is linked to the [Content] tab, while the ‘choice component’ is linked to the [Search] tab.

1/ tab [Datalist] - GSheet: List of criteria in 1 column to which will be linked the ‘choice component’ of ‘Group by’ options
2/ tab [Search] - Glide layout: ‘Choice component’ (with User specific field) linked to [Datalist] of different possible ‘Group by’ criteria
3/ tab [Content] - Glide databuilder: ‘Single value’ (select ‘first’) bringing back from the [Search] tab the user specific field’s value created by the ‘choice component’
4/ tab [Content] - Glide databuilder: ‘If-then-else’ to match the ‘Single value’ by each value (entered manually) of the ‘List of criteria’ with the related various columns of the [Content] tab (attention : if the [datalist] criteria are changed, even in orthograph, the change must be also done in this if-then-else)
5/ tab [Search] - Glide layout: ‘group-by’ the inline list by the if-then-else of the [Content] tab

Of course, @ThinhDinh and other Glide-Kings (@Robert_Petitto, @Jeff_Hager etc) will find a simpler way to do it … and I will have lost 2h for nothing, but now I’m used to it :slight_smile:


That’s a really cool idea. Can’t think of any way to improve on it. I’ll have to remember this for the future.


This is so perfect. I need this for one of my App. Thank you so much.

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