How to create an app like this

I need a functional like to create this.

If I click any of this it should get the related things below like the screenshot.

Whether this created with glide?

Use a choice component that writes to a user-specific column, then filter the inline list below based on that choice.

Have tried this,if I click any choice say I have 4 choices,if I clicked 1st choice its displaying only 3 other choices.

Am I doing it wrong

Are you sure that you aren’t setting your choice destination to the same column that you are using as the source of your choices? If you set it up wrong, then it may be overwriting your list of choices. You cannot set the destination column of a choice component to be the same as the source.

Once you are writing the selected choice to the correct column, then you should be able to filter you inline list based on that selected choice.

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You mean,I need to create 4 sheets? Or only one sheet?

Why 4 sheets? I don’t know what your app looks like or how it’s designed. Are your choices dynamic? Can they change, or are they always the same?

I almost always have a separate table to store all of my choice values for multiple different choice components. If it were me, I usually do it one of two ways. I either have a separate table with a single row to drive the tab. That tab table is where I store the selected choices. Then I filter the inline list based on those selected choices. Or, as an alternative and a shortcut, I’ll store the selected choice in the first row of the data, set that table as the tab source, then filter the inline list. But you risk losing the first row if it’s ever deleted.

You could do everything in one table, but it gets messy since you would have the data, the list of possible choices, and the selected choice.

You could do it with two tables. One to store the list of choices and one to store the data and the selected choice.

You could do it with three tables. One to drive the tab and store the selected choices, one to store the list of choices, and one for the data.

Trying to do it with four tables starts to get ugly again. You could do it with four tables if you have a specific use case, but I wouldn’t recommend it.


Copy this app. Shows how you can bring that screenshot to life. Ive also added a demo of multi select.


Thanks for this

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Thanks a lot.

Have seeing some blank tiles.why is it coming.

Because some1added 4 items. They couldn’t add image becz there is no image picker (I might add it later but need few hrs as at work). That’s why you see blank tiles.

okay yar…

I need another help to solve what i need actually.

After logging in with email,users need to setup some details in users profile like name,phone nuimber and address.i dont know how to design this.any idea would help me to understand this user profile easy to me.

then i should go to home page.
Then i had tiles list which i clicked having detailed screen,having phone number entry and address entry which should get it from user profile based on logging in user email.

It should be on the screen automatically by clickeing the place should ask user is this your phone number and address,if yes it should placed the order.if no it should give option to edit those two fields in detailed screen of the product.

can this be done ?or any changed needs to be done.I need your help.may be an app to understand.

Please watch video tutorials or forum solutions on these. Plenty flying around.

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i dont know what is related to this.if any please tell me.

Hire an expert


You can watch video tutorials in the Youtube.

@Robert_Petitto and @eltintero has done videos about profiles.

Thank you

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I have an issue with the example

In single choice,

You have two component
2.inline list

I have an issue that,the data column points to choice in dummy data column choice in your app.
But I’m doing the same thing but I’m not getting that choice data column.why? Because the app resources don’t have column as choice,its only having department.From where it is coming in your app.

In inline list,you have filter as department includes screen->choice.I’m not getting the choice.

Because of this the department gets deleted if I clicked.

My app link


Sorted the issue after creating choice column in department rather than in dummy data