How to achieve this


I have to use multiple choice component

Having 1st choice as family, friends,relatives
If I click family the second choice component should pop up values as horizontal, vertical,collage and vice versa.any examples?

You want to filter your second choice component based on the selection made in your first choice component?

You can either filter using Screen Values, or target your choice components at User Specific columns, and filter on those.


I have a problem with design

Have 2 choice component and 3 inline list.

Reason for 2 choice is displaying the photos appropriately in inline list.

Reason for 3 inline list is to display the data in 3 different ways.

Horizontal I would show in horizontally in 4:3 tile
Vertically in 3:4
Collage in 3:4 n tiles per row as 1

Any suggestions?

Anything wrong?

Developing an app for storing photos of wedding photos

Okay, so one choice component to use as a filter, and the second one to control visibility.
That should all work fine, have you tried?

Yes I tried it but straightaway it throws error from 2nd choice ,both are pointing to same data column.why?

I’m not comes to the conclusion how to construct this.

Pointing them at the same column won’t work.
You need 2 user specific columns, one for each choice component.

I will do one thing,i will first create the design as multiple choice with a single choice component and then we will see where it goes.

Hi Darren,
Have created with 2 choice component and a inline list.

Selfie, family,relatives 1St choice - category

Vertical, horizontal 2nd choice - category type

I have seen @Robert_Petitto video and did.Its working correctly.

But I need to add collage in the category type.
Collage should display photos based on two choice component

Also I want to like this,

Category - family
Category type - horizontal
inlinelist display photos horizontally now it has only one inline list design to 3:4

I’m not sure what you are asking from me.
If you want me to help, you’ll need to show me what you have, how it is configured, and tell me how you want it to work.

I can’t look at your app, as it requires a password.

Hi Darren,

Based on the selection of 2 choice component displays the images correctly.Have tested.

But i need, collage option as choice component to displays images in inline list but it should look as collage by inline list.
Also horizontal photos displays horizontally - 4:3 tile shape

Now no password and it is copyable.

Okay, I’ll take a look today.
Can you explain exactly what you mean by “collage option”? There is no such option in Glide, so maybe you mean something else?

Collage is something collection of photos randomly into single photos.

In simple multiple pictures in single photo.

It looks like this but in a different alignment.

Is this what you are looking for?


I think he’s looking for something like this.

Collage is ok.i don’t want to use css.this one is okay.
Horizontal means the photo taken horizontally display in a horizontal tile shape(4:3) but vertically listed one by one.

Okay, try this

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Whether required is necessary?
But I want a single selection too.

And i need to view all photos too.

is any reason these things to be put off?

You can change all those things

I will do testing and inform you.thanks a lot.

is it copyable?