Customized "See Favorites only" (when no upfront menu)

Hi, I met a challenge that some other may have, therefore this sharing of workaround (until @Jeff_Hager @ThinhDinh @Robert_Petitto & other Glide’ rock stars propose a 2 clics - solution …)

On my [Search] page, the user can select several choice components to display ‘items’ which are then presented via an inline list (items coming from a [Content] tab)
In addition to these choice components, the user should also be able to see only its ‘Favorite’ items.
=> BUT there is not the usual Glide ‘favorite tab’ appearing upfront the screen…

Expected outcome:

1/ tab [Search]: user specific ‘boolean’ column to get the value of a switch component “See only favorites”
2/ tab [Content]: ‘single’ column bringing back the boolean user specific value from [Search] (select ‘Get: first’)
3/ tab [Content]: ‘template 1’ column translating the boolean value into a string (‘true’ or false’)
4/ tab [Content]: ‘template 2’ column translating the items “favorite” column’s value into a string (required because, according to what type of ‘favorites’ component the user has selected, the associated value can be +1, -1, true or false)
5/ tab [Content]: ‘if-then-else 1’ column writing the ‘+1’, ‘true’ or ‘TRUE’ into ‘true’ (let’s be cautious and write everything into lower case)
6/ tab [Content]: ‘if-then-else 2’ column writing ‘true’ if if-then-else 1 is ‘true’ and, if not, linking to column ‘template 1’
7/ Layout: insert a “switch” component, writing to the above ‘user specific boolean’ column
8/ Layout: create an inline list and ‘filters’ it with “if-then-else 2” column

NB: this approach is complementary & works with: "Dynamic group-by" inline list

Would it be nicer for the UI if you display those choice components inside a button that links to a screen. All in all, good workaround.