Need help on implementing favorite feature on card or list component

Hi, l follows an old video on glide on “filtering inline list with favorites”. l discovered most of the settings are quite different from mine… l can’t find “Inline list” but there are list and the likes… l can’t overlay favorites feature or button on the image… lt’s quite frustrating trying to doing… l really hope someone help me out… Here’s the supposed image l want to imply

Bob recorded this video a while ago and Glide has changed a lot since then.

(The details aren’t important, but your screenshot show Glide Classic Apps whereas you are probably using the newest version called Glide Apps, which is recommended.)

In the newest version, Glide Apps, the Favorites feature with the heart overlay does not exist anymore. You can partially build it yourself.

In the Data Editor: Create a user-specific boolean column which you can call “Favorites”. This will house a true or false value, which will be specific to each user. Create an if-then-else column that displays a red heart if true and an empty heart if false.

In the Layout Editor: You won’t be able to display the hearts as image overlays. Instead, use a switch component or an action-friendly component to write true or false to the table. Use a content component to display the full or empty heart.

I didn’t go into much detail, but I hope you got the gist.