Favorite component doesn't add "Is Favorited" column automatuically

Hi. I am new to Glide and to get familiar I’m following Jack’s video about building Insiders app: Insiders Rebuild Part 2 | Creating the Course Experience - YouTube

He added “Favorite” component in the Details screen of an item in an inline list. It automatically added “Is Favorited” boolean column in the Glide sheet. (in the video it happens between 17:40 and 19:00 min). That is how it should work, according to the tutorials also. I did the same, but no column was added, however I tried (with or without Row ID).

I tested it with a new simple 1-sheet app and it seems it adds a column if the “Favorite bar” is enabled. But there is no option for a Favorite bar in the details view of inline list.

Any advice? .


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Hi @Evgenii_Iliev :wave: :wave:

That videos are old and that is the oldest version of Glide and now it’s a new version. So if you add a different style ( not details style) and enable the Favorites bar then automatically adding that boolean column (Is that Favorited?) and for the details style you have to add a boolean column and add the favourite component to that column. This is my experience and if I’m wrong someone will reply here @Evgenii_Iliev :innocent:

Thank you :blush: :blush:

It doesn’t work for me. If I create manually “Is Favorite?” column and choose that column as a “Key” for the Favorite component, nothing happens - clicking favorite icon doesn’t check the box in the “Is Favorite?” column and vice verse.

Hmm Yes I also test that and the same result. Sorry @Evgenii_Iliev :neutral_face:

You can add a different style ( Not the details style ) And enable the favourites tab and add the click action show details screen and in that details screen add the favorite component.

If I’m wrong someone will reply here @Evgenii_Iliev :+1:

Thank you :innocent:

Thank you too. Hope, I’ll find the reason. I’m missing something probably…

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Try adding a temporary tab based on the Sheet you want to have the favorites function, create a rowID column in advance.

Use a card list layout, don’t switch that to details view yet, add a favorite button to see if it triggers adding the “Is Favorited” column. If not, go into the details view of that list, add a favorite component.

If you still can’t find the column, please send a video here to we can debug.

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Thank you. I did it and both worked - favorite button in cards list and favorite component in details view. But only if the Favorite bar is enabled in the Cards view. Actually, I found that the Favorite bar is adding the “Is Favorited” column, not the favorite button or component.

My issue is that there is a list of courses for which I have a favorite bar available and everything is ok with favouriting a course. Then for every course there is an inline list of course lectures. The goal is the user to be able to favorite a specific lecture in its details view. But just adding a favorite component is doing nothing, because it doesn’t add “is favorited” column. It would be added by enabling a favorite bar, but there is not such available for the inline list.

In Jack’s video adding a favorite component in the details view just works - the part I mentioned in my first post. Not the case for me.

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@SantiagoPerez can you check this?


Have you tried adding favourite component in the overlay? After that you should have the favourite icon in the list. Also make sure you enable the favourite bar. The favourite has changed recently. You can check the docs for more info


I can’t find docs re favorite other than in the tutorial.
However, I came up with a workaround, from the recommendation of @ThinhDinh. I created a separate tab, based on the Sheet that I’m struggling with the favorite function, and I enabled the favorite bar in that tab. It generated “is favorited” column in the sheet. I’ll not use that tab for anything else, it will be hidden. Then I added a favorite component in the tab, where it should be for the users. Now it works, because there is already “is favorited” column in the sheet.

Probably, there should be a more “standard” way and I’m missing s.th. but it is a solution so far.

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Doing exactly this myself today. I did find that when I hide my “hidden list”, the google sheets “Is Favorited” column is no longer visible in my data editor, so I had to make all changes to the visible tab before hiding the hidden tab. Would love to see progress made on this to be easier to use.


Thank you, Pablo. Your video would save me some time, if it existed earlier :), to find the role of the favorite bar. However, the challenge I faced is one step further:

Let say in your example we have also a separate sheet for the trainings each staff member has attended. Put that training list as an inline list in the staff tab details view. For that inline list of trainings you are not able to enable favorite functionality (the user to be able to favorite a specific training attended by him), because there is no favorite bar available for that list.

That is the issue, but seems there is a workaround (described above). Thank you again, I really appreciate your time making that video.


The thing is the component has been updated very recently, that’s why the video is old but the docs are up to date.

Now, from what I’m understanding, you have two inline lists, in a details view. If my brain is working well at this time of the day, the favourite bar only applies to one inline list, if you have more than one it wouldn’t work.

It’s clear now. Thanks!