Column "If favorited? does not appear in associated table in inline-list component of a tab with detail style

Hi, I have a question, as a first step I have followed the instructions in the video “CATÁLOGO y botón de PEDIDO | # 3 CURSO de GLIDE 2021 | APLICACIONES Web Sin Código
, but when setting the filter in the second inline-list (favorites) to show only the favorites, the field “if Favorited?” It does not appear within the list of fields to choose from (function that Glide must perform when activating the “Favorites” button in the Overlays, create a column with the name “If Favorited?” within the “Catalog” table), but does not, this function if Glide does it well when the style of the Tab is “Tiles” or “Cards” and if the “Favorite Bar” is activated, but since the tab has a Detail style, glide does not create said column and therefore it does not allow me to configure the inline-list (favorites). I hope you can help me, because I have not been able to solve it. In advance thank you very much for the help.

I leave the link of the video that I follow :

Hola @Juan_Perez