Search + Favorites enabled on inline list but only search bar tab for ALL/FAVORITES

Okay, I’m reaching my 13 hour limit on this Glide obsession so this is my last question today! :slight_smile: I have watched the tutorial beforehand and ROW ID is enabled on each of my 4 sheets so that Likes work. Can’t find the issue but I’m sure it’s something simple!

Video here:

Hi Deena, as you’re using a details view, the favorites screen won’t be turned on automatically.

My workaround for this, as I usually use details view as well, is to have a Profile tab where each user can see and edit their own info (name, image, etc.) and add an inline list their, pointing to the sheet where you have the items that users have favorited and filter by IsFavorited = true.

Another thing that I have done is to create a user specific column in the sheet, where you are displaying your detail view, to hold a choice value of All or Favorites. Then you can create two lists, one with no filter for ‘All’ and one filtered by the isfavorite or like column for ‘Favorites’. Then set visibility to show either list depending on the choice selected.

There is a similar example in the first tab of this app:

and in the food/activies tab here:

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Hello again! So I am using an inline list - and the Search is enabled in the inline list - Details are only after you click in, In the video, I also show the tab for PEOPLE, and it’s set up exactly the same way – there is an inline list of USERS and the Search and favorites are enabled and BOTH the ALL and FAVE tabs are there. Does that make sense? Since the favorites can be marked on the item in the inline list, according to how it works on other tabs in the same scenario, it should work here? Thanks for your patience with me! Deena

Thanks Jeff - going to check these out now!

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Hi all, Amazing support here! thank you for your help and patience. I wanted to let you know that I pinpointed the issue - WHY in same set up on some tabs, the favorites work. It was that some tabs were created from BLANK tab in google sheet vs. others from the POSTS or TEAM sheets. I learned about using blank tabs in a tutorial but apparently used in the wrong situation. As soon as I changed the source of the tab to POSTS, the inline list was there and the bar appeared. Thanks again! Deena


Have you checked out Jeff’s solution? That’s a great method as well, I have used it in quite a few of my apps, albeit I want it to be a little better (sliding choices horizontally instead of static) but it’s great for me anyway :smile:


Yes, I checked out both of the apps he sent! I used his method on one of my tabs where I need to use a details view. Thank you again! :slight_smile:

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Thank you again Jeff. I used your method as a workaround on one of my tabs where I needed to use details view with components! -Deena

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