Favorites vs All

Starting today, maybe after the release today I see a toggle between favorites/all in my favorites screen. How do I enable or disable this ?

I need to enable this in various lists so that I don’t have to explicitly have a Favorites tab. Disable it in case I still want to have a favorites tab

Why do you enable favorites in a “Favorites” screen, may I ask?

Nice. I took the isFavorited=true out and now it works great

I had the same problem and tried to take out the favorited=true but it does not seem to work. How do I get rid of this toggle between all and favorite. I was trying to set it up so when you are on the favorite tab, it only shows favorites and on the search page it only shows all.

You can make an inline list in a details layout and filter it by IsFavorited = True, enable search for that inline list.

Thank you for the reply! Sorry, still learning how to use it- how do I filter IsFavorited = True?

After you add an inline list, point it to the sheet where you have all the items, in the filter choose the column IsFavorited and type the True value for the condition.

When I pick a value/sheet for the source, IsFavorited is not an option to select

Just got it, thank you!

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