Using Favorites to filter in Detail view with Inline lists

Trying to do 2 specific things:

  1. Using the User specific Favorites feature in the Details view with multiple inline lists. This tab will have a link of presentations associated with a presenter and a date. The top Inline list will be a horizontally oriented Tiles sorted by Category of the presentations. The bottom list below this will be sorted by the Presenter with their picture in a round circle. I want to be able to sort the top list by All/Favorites.

The way I have it setup is using a Choice button with options All/Favorites. This choice button enters data into a User specific column as All or Favorite. The top Inline list is duplicated. For one I have “Visibility” set to Show component when “User entry column” is “Favorite” and Filter to “Is Favorited?” is true. I think this works to filter out the Favorites in that tab. I am not able to figure out how to hide the other Inline list when Favorites is showing?

***SOLVED. Was able to figure this out. For first Inline list I did not put any Filter since I want to show all but for Visibility I put Show component when “User entry column” is “All” OR “IfThenEls” If 'User entry column" is empty Then true. This way in the choice component if the “All” is not clicked it will still show All. Works great.

  1. I am also trying to make a “Popular” section at the bottom below the presenters. I would like to do this by number of page view as well as total number of favorites across all users. I saw the video by @Robert_Petitto regarding Unique views but I was wondering if I can get it to work with total views (unique and not unique)?

I tried to use a custom Action for the Inline list set as "if is Favorited? is “true” then Increment “FavCounter” column by 1 → View Details. Else → View details. That does not seem to work.

Thank you for any assistance!