No favorites tab selection in a details layout

Hi guys,
Not sure if this is by design, but I have a favourite button within an inline list, yet I don’t have a favourites/ all option at the top.

I do have it when switching to a different layout (cards etc.), yet my preference is to stay with the details layout as possible.

So you still want at the top like:

| Words | Favorites |


Hi Lukas,
that’s right, thank you.

The details view work like that by design, because you can add multiple items to the screen and the all/favorites view can’t work with all of them.

Your workaround for this is:

  • Have a choice column stored somewhere in your sheet, contains two rows, All & Favorites.

  • Add a user-specific column to the sheet where you are referencing this tab to. Name it “User view” or something like that.

  • Add a choice component writing to the user-specific column you just created, with the values coming from the choice column in step 1.

  • Add 2 inline list, the “All” list showing all items with no filter, visible when User view = ‘All’, the ‘Favorites’ list is filtered by ‘Is Favorited?’ = True, visible when User view = ‘Favorites’.


Worked like a charm :slight_smile:
Thank you