Questions About Favorites


So, I’m testing out favorites on my app, and came across a few issues/questions and wanted to see if there were any solutions/answers to them.

  1. I would like to remove the favorites tab from the top of the tabs. I created a details style layout for some, but others like inline lists do not have that option and the map tab can only use the map style.

  2. I created the needed user sheet to have this work of course. There was also an APP:Login sheet that was automatically created. Have the two sheets taken up many of your rows as new users are created and more login-ins happen? Has this been an issue towards the row limit?


Hello @Jen_NYCP

  1. If you have the favorites enabled (Whether from the button you are using in your inline list or as a separate component in the details view) the favorites tab will be created by default.
    If you want to remove it, you can use a details view and add an inline list with a search bar. It will look the same (though you will lose the ability of in-app filter and sort)
    You can also remove the favourites button from your tiles layout and the favourites tab should go away.

  2. App:logins does not count towards your rows


Thanks Manan!

I actually want the favorites on those tiles and those tabs cannot be created with a details layout. You can see with the screenshot above there is no details style option for the inline lists and for the map tab, a map component is not the same.

That’s good to know for the login sheet. I am wondering if anyone ever ran out rows with user profiles in place.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean when you say that a tab cannot be created with a details layout. Any tab can be created with a details layout. That then allows you to add an inline list (that is set to the maps layout) within that details layout screen. This will prevent the All/Favorites tabs from showing at the top of the screen. The only downside of an inline list set to the maps layout is that you have to pick either the map or the list view. The inline list version of the the map will not let you switch between map and list view with a button. There are ways around this though and I do have an example in Food/Activities tab of this app.


Thanks! I was only looking at the map component for an inline list, which is totally different. It’s fine for it to only have the map view.

But looks like it cannot be removed from inline lists themselves since those don’t have an option for a details style.

Are you sure you aren’t confusing a List Style layout vs and Inline List??? Inline List components have never shown the All/Favorites tabs. All/Favorites only shows when the tab layout style is one of the list styles.

I still don’t fully understand what you are saying. You would never display a list as a detail…it’s a list… When you click on a list item, then you are viewing the details. I think you need to be aware when you are looking at the tab layout vs the inline list component layout.

This inline list

Clicks into this screen, there is no option for a details style.

That’s the inline list layout. You need to adjust the layout for the TAB to be details layout, which you already have because you are already on a details layout which lets you add an inline list as a component. Why would you want to display an inline list itself in the details style? It’s a list, not a detail.

Since you are already using an inline list component on a detail screen, I’m assuming that you don’t have the All/Favorites tab on that list, correct? So I’m a little unclear on what the problem is. Sorry, but I feel like we are talking about different things here. Your screenshots from earlier show that you were not using the details layout at all, but now it appears you are with an inline list on that details screen.

I do have the favorite tab on the same list shown above. It’s the same exact screen I screenshot for #1 in my initial question.

Is that a ‘See All’ screen? I don’t see that mentioned anywhere above. That is an entirely different situation. The only time I would expect to not see the details layout option is on the settings for an inline list or within the ‘See All’ of an inline list. My only guess is that you are in the ‘See All’. If it is within a ‘See All’, would you agree that the list shown before clicking on ‘See All’ does in fact Not show the All/Favorites tab as I have explained? I just want to be clear because I think we have gotten way off track looking for problem in the wrong place.

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It is a Inline List which has the ‘See All’ text as I am only displaying a certain amount of tiles.

This inline list is on the main tab of the app, there is no favorites/all tab at the top of this tab. Thanks!