Can't Find Favorite and All Options

Hey guys, can’t seem to find the Favorite and All options. I’ve added the Favorite option on the Details screen, have Row IDs set up for each tab within Google Sheets, but when I go to the Details screen where I have an Inline List, I can’t seem to get those options on there for the signed in user. Anyone know what I’m missing?

Here’s a quick video showing you what I mean…

Have you published your app at least once?

Yes I have. I have it installed on my phone.

I am not 100% sure, but I think that the favorites may not show up on the DETAILS screen.

Hmmmm… ok. Do you know what I could do to get them to show up at the top?

Maybe some type of filter button at the top. that would just show “if favorite” - I think I have something around that does something like this…

Yep OK, got it after the second view of your video. Your Webinar screen can’t be a detail screen if you want to have access to the favorites section. Must be an inline list screen. So you’ll lose your banner, but you’ll win your favorites section.

Ok, would love to see that added as a feature. Because I love how you can add a variety of components using the Details screen, but the All or Favorites is limited only to choosing the List component, is that correct?

You could add the favorites to the user profile. Then they can have all their info on one page.

Found here:

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