Unable to create details screen with inline list, favorites function, and other features

Hi! I have a Glide Apps project with a couple Glide sheets and many synced Google Sheets all with many rows and columns. I have been trying to create an inline list and let users select favorites, but I cannot add those components or create a detail screen at all. I have attached a screenshot of my options when I try to add components.

I’m not sure how to turn the tab into a Details Screen. These are the layout options I see when I add a new screen:

You are using Pages, as opposed to an Apps. Screens in Pages are all Detail screens, unlike in Apps, where you can have list style screens. Pages don’t currently have a favorites component, so you’ll have to build your own functionally using a switch or a button, or something like that, with a user specific boolean column to hold a checked or unchecked value.

Also, in Pages, inline lists are referred to as Collections.


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