Can't disable favorites on list page

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I enabled favorites on ‘current book’ page but it won’t go away on ‘members’ page.

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Were you by chance playing with the new overlays for tiles and then changed from tiles layout to a list layout?

Yes I was!

I’m guessing the favorite button on the tile is still sticking. Change back to tiles and remove the favorite button, then switch back to list. @Mark this may be a minor bug.

Tried this. Good idea but not the fix.

Yes, thanks for catching that! We’ll fix it soon.

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Are you sure? You cleared out the Button dropdown on the overlays when viewing the list in the Tiles layout? I was able to reproduce the scenario. and clearing out the button overlay made the favorites tabs go away. Do you have a favorite component on the details screen with visibility set to hide the button by chance?


Update: ‘ALL | FAVORITES’ tabs are now present on all of my tabs.

UPDATE WITH SOLUTION: Turned the favorites button on and off again and it worked to get rid of the tabs. Thanks for the help.


In general, it would be nice to have a manual way to hide the Favorites section for certain components. Giving a user access to their “bookmarks” in certain components doesn’t mean every part of an app will want it.

Let’s say I have a podcasting app. And users are uploading their own podcasts, and other users are favoriting things to save for later. Having access to those favorites might makes sense in your own profile section or perhaps in the main feed of all podcast. But then I wander over to the user search and start searching for interesting podcast creators, I browse through each of their profiles where I see a List of all of the podcasts they’ve created… and a I get the Favorites section there?? And I think to myself? Why is there a favorite section here in this creators’s list of their own podcasts. Is this a list of their favorites? It’s empty. Why is it empty? Is this supposed to be a Favorite section for me to create a collection of Favorites from this one person’s podcasts? That’s weird.

I find this Favorites section appearing in so many Relational Lists throughout my app because it seems that if that particular component is linked to a sheet that has any of your favorites in it, the app assumes that any list of that sheet in the app should show you those favorites, and in some spots you may not want folks seeing their Favorites. You may only want to relegate that to their own areas of the app, give them a sense that “their things” are only in “their private sections”.

On the converse, it would be nice if we could just create a list of a person’s favorites rather than always just relying on that two button switch. You could create a discreet Favorite list within a person’s own private profile which would be much easier for them to remember how to find anywhere in the app. I thought maybe this new Is Favorite condition for filtering would do it, but that only seems to filter rows that have been filtered by anyone rather than by the signed in user.


Inline lists on a detail style layout won’t show the favorites selector above the list whereas any of the list layouts will, so that is a really easy way to control if the selector shows or not. Your example of an inline list within a user profile wouldn’t show the favorites selector above the list.

If your still want more control of favorites then you could create your pretty easily with a horizontal choice component and user specific columns controlled by a checkbox or switch.

Or are you taking more specifically about the :heart: favorite component and one want to show the favorites component within the details selectively?

It will show it if you use the Inline List as Tiles in Horizontal mode. In that use case (which is my personal favorite because of screen economy) you get 12 items horizontally before you have to click See All. And that takes you to a list where the Favorite Selector appears.

And a I’m unclear how you can show people their own Favorited items using choice components, user specific columns and checkbox/switch. But I haven’t dived too deep into user specific columns yet.

Ahh, didn’t think about that.

I don’t think this would work with the ‘See All’ since it’s ultimately a list layout instead of a detail layout, but to create your own favorites selector above your horizontal list of tiles, there is a way.

  • First you will need to create a basic text column and set it to User Specific. This will hold the choice value.
  • Next create a choice component with 2 options (All, Favorites) and display it in the horizontal layout.
  • In the items sheet where you will allow favorites, you can create another user specific boolean column. This can be set using a switch or checkbox component on the details screen of those items. The selected value will write to the user specific column you created.
  • Now create two inline lists on the screen where you have your existing list. One with no filter and one with another filter based on the favorite the user set with the checkbox or switch. Then you display either one based on the choice from the choice component.

Ah, okay, you don’t mean a way of displaying the actual favorites data but creating a faux favorites switch that allows people to “favorite” and for you to capture that data and do things with it… Yeah, I actually have one of these. I was hoping there was a way to filter by the true favorites data which would allow us to use those little hearts in the upper right of graphics.

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Correct. Unless there is something similar that could be done with the ‘is favorite’ column, but I haven’t played with it or taken the time to understand its functionality. I wonder if it’s perhaps a User Specific column that could be used in a similar fashion, or if it just indicates that somebody marked a favorite for that row.

Is the “Is Favorite” a column? I thought it was just a filter/visibility condition. Looking into this, because an Is Favorite column does sound promising.

I just found the column! I didn’t see it there in the Glide spreadsheet view. And it’s totally user specific! Changing email addresses in Glide dashboard changes the values in that column. Well this can definitely do what we’re talking about. Including much more like counting favorites with Rollup column.

Yes! I got it working! I’ve created a discreet area just for a particular user’s favorites. You just need a button, it needs to point to the sheet with the content that is favorited and filtered by Is Favorite… you can also create a relation to that Favorite column from another sheet (like say the user sheet), have the button go to that sheet instead, and then switch to Detail view, clear it out ,and build it with some Inline lists pointed to that relation column and filtered by the same Is Favorite.

This is great great great!

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Awesome! That’s good to know!