Favorite in inline list. Any walkarround?

I use a form and save my item in a favorites tab.
But if the user wants to undo the favorites, I add another record to the favorites sheet marking my item as not favorite.

How do I show only favorites? The same item has both favorite and not favorite rows in the sheet.

Sortm function not working because all rows are different because of the unique identifier
Any advice/walkarround?


Sorry, I have no idea what you are trying to do. If you have a spreadsheet or better yet the app to share someone may be able to help.

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Thanks George !!

Just allowing the user to add and remove as favorite an item in an inline list.

I will prepare an example thanks

On the sheet for your detail page that has your form button, I would add a column that always has a value that’s filled with TRUE. When they add a record from the form, I would use Column Values to pull in the TRUE column and write it to your new record in a Favorites column. Whenever the user edits that record, you can add a Switch or Checkbox and they can unselect the Switch or Checkbox to unfavorite the item. Use the filter to only include rows where the Favorite column is TRUE. That way you don’t need duplicated records.

Thanks Jeff !! Yes this is what I have done. Edit the record to unswitch is not the best user-friendly thing but it works perfectly!!! I use rich test to help-guide the user edit the record. I was getting crazy with duplicated records.!!!

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I forget, can you add a Switch component on a view screen without having to go into edit mode?

In the view screen I put the rich test pointing to the pen to enter the edit mode. There, in the edit mode I have the switch![



It is interesting how many times I have heard that users are confused about how to edit an entry or Submit on the add or edit screens once they finish. For a mobile device, with limited screen real estate, it does seem to make sense not the have larger buttons for those purposes but on the other hand if a large percentage of users can’t figure it out it is a dilemma.


I double checked. You can add a switch on a detail view screen. You don’t have to make the user enter edit mode.

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You are right!! Works great . Thank you!!;

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You are right !! We are used to push a button to submit a form, confirm etc A hidden rich text
Indication shows when the last required field is filled…to guide users

Hi @Jeff_Hager,

Hope you are doing well and staying safe given the current situation!

I’m reaching out as I’m using the Instagram template which you can find here

And I’m trying to add the “Favorites” component to an inline list of user-generated posts. Is it possible to use this component and if so, is it as simple as using a Unique Key to identify the post the logged-in user is favouring?

Cause it looks like its not possible, so I’m struggling to understand how either a “Form” or “Switch” button will help achieve this, as well as, the what the necessary manipulations in the “Posts” sheet of the Instagram template are, to make this work. Any feedback would be really appreciated!

All is well here. Just a lot of working at home, walking the dog, and going for a long drive every once in awhile.

Inline lists won’t work with Favorites because an inline list will not show the Favorites selection above the list. The only way they work is when you have a tab style set to List.

Basically you would have to build your own version of favorites to get around this. It’s not an easy process to explain, but for starters, you would need a form button to submit a unique ID or some value to a sheet, along with the user’s email. Then on some page that has user specific data filtered by signed in user, you would need to create a relation from the user’s email in that sheet to the form response sheet. With all of those changes you could add a choice component in the horizontal layout to simulate the favorites choice. This is a very rough explanation and doesn’t fit well with the Instagram template without quite a few changes.

There is a feature that Glide is working on that would make a lot of this quite a bit easier, but it’s not available yet.

Take a look at The Dynamic List Filter in https://concepts.glideapp.io/ along with some of the other examples to see some of the things I’ve done. Also look at the Food/Activities tab in https://rwtsk.glideapp.io/ to get a rough idea of what I’m talking about.

It’s really hard to give a definitive answer since so much would be involved at this point to make it work.

Hi @Jeff_Hager , glad to hear you are well. Same here, working from home and going out for walks mainly to the grocery since we are officially in lockdown.

Following your suggestions, within the post’s detail page, I added a form button to submit a unique ID along with the user’s email to a sheet called “Favorite Form Response”. In the same sheet, I created a relational column that matches the user’s email from another sheet called “Profiles” which contains user specific data filtered by signed in user. Then, similar to your family reunion app, which is great by the way, I also created a “Choice” sheet to add the dynamic list filter categories, in this case “All” and “Favorites”.

At this point, I have 3 sheets (namely “Posts”, “Favorite Form Response” and “Choice” ) that need to somehow relate with each other in order for a signed-in user to see their favorite post using the dynamic list filter. So my question is: What exactly are the relational columns that I need to create and in which of the aforementioned sheets?

I feel by implementing these changes I should be able create my own version of favorites and I would very grateful for any further guidance you can provide me with.

Thank you Jeff and hope to hear from you soon :slight_smile:

Bear with me. This isn’t a simple process to explain and I’m only doing it based on how I think it should work in my head. There are a lot of gotcha’s that will further complicate this, but I want to keep the explanation as simple as possible.

Edit: This is honestly really hard to explain and I don’t think I could do it justice, so I threw together a quick example.


Hi @Jeff_Hager,

I can see why it’s really hard to explain without an actual example. Thank you for taking the time to put it together. I’m currently reviewing it to understand the relations across the sheets.

I even added a post as a favorite, and noticed that I can also see other users’ favorites, which shouldn’t be the case, right? If so, is there a way to mitigate this?

Finally, since the posts of an Instagram-themed app are user-generated as opposed to pre-populated, if I add a “Choice” column thats always filled with a value of ALL, and make the necessary relations using the “tmp-link” template column (like you did) to pull in the posts data, I’m guessing users should be able to see their favorite posts, similar to your example?

I hope you don’t me asking these further clarifying questions, just trying to get a better grasp of building such an app with Glide.

Ignore the 2nd and third tabs. They can be hidden. I only left them there so you can see the data that is saved to the sheet. Is it working when you click on Favorites on the first tab?

Doesn’t make a different where the posts come from. It should work the same.

Hi @Jeff_Hager, Yes it works when I click on Favorites on the first tab. And I will hide the other tabs then. Thanks for clarifying. The only thing I can’t seem to figure out is how you managed to auto-populate the ‘Post’ column in the “Favorites” sheet with the title of the post, which is needed to make the necessary relations thereafter. I spent all weekend trying to figure this out, so that I wouldn’t have to bother you, but I wasn’t able to get to the bottom of it.


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